NAAN of the non-Indian Bread kind


Quien mas hay aquí en Tumblr que viene de Puerto Rico y veía a Maria Chuzema cuando niño? 

De chamba estaba buscando Maria Chuzema en Tumblr XD Wow, que memorias…

This is a kids’ show called La casa de Maria Chuzema, “Maria Chuzema’s house.” It was one of the few Spanish-languages shows I’d watch, even in PR, and one of very few quality Puerto Rican shows that exist on the planet. She’d tell stories, do sketches and like in the video, do arts and crafts. Along with Remi the clown, she was a big part of many kids’ lives.

It’s telling when a show like hers that is desperately needed on PRican TV is no longer on the air (as far as I know). Instead, there’s awful graphic soap operas (90%), news reporting of extremely pessimistic news and badly dubbed animated shows XD